Selectable cover surface

To allow for access covers to blend in with the existing surface, we supply recessed covers for filling on site - with tiles, coloured concrete or pavior material. This design feature is available for round, square and rectangular, single and multi-leaf cover units, in a variety of different dimensions. While 80 mm (total for infill material plus a layer of mortar) is the standard filling height, increased heights are available upon request. Given the weight of concrete or pavior-filled covers, we recommend the use of covers with integrated assist-lift.

We should be pleased to develop a solution adapted to your specific problem at hand.

Following (recessed) cover ranges are available for surface adaptation:

  • Covers with hydraulic opening system
  • Covers made of steel/stainless steel – with/without assist-lift Type ranges ‘LA-LD` and ‘ST`
  • Steel-concrete covers, range ‘AN`
  • ERMATIC modular cover range
  • Fabricated covers of steel/stainless steel, range ‘ANS-DNS'

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