Emergency exits

There are no individual regulations in force for design, manufacture and test of horizontally arranged escape routes (emergency exits). Therefore, several different Norms and requirements have to be observed when designing such products, to be sure all essential criteria with respect to safe and reliable function are met.

Paragraph No. 319 of the German penal code, stipulates: “Anyone who fails to comply with the general rules of technique when planning, executing or demolishing building structures, and thus by neglect of, or by contravention against these rules, puts life or limb of another person at risk, faces a penalty of up to five years in prison or a steep fine”.

We offer a variety of access cover types suitable for use as emergency exit. All of these have assist-lift or motorized opening systems which guarantee reliable cover opening in an  emergency – even in case of power failure. Additionally required features, such as frame heating or optical and acoustical warning signals can also be materialized.

The suitability of our access covers with hydraulic opening system has been certified by the independent Safety Standards Authority “TÜV Süd”. For our floor gates with counterweight drive we posses officially authorized individual approvals for application as emergency exits.

We also install and maintain our emergency exit covers – not only in Germany but also abroad.


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