Fire resistance

The guidelines for preventative fire protection are laid down in the (German) Regional Building Regulations. These are supplemented, for specific facilities (e.g. hospitals, assembly halls, shopping precincts, schools, accommodation facilities, industrial buildings, garages and car parks) by separate guidelines and regulations.

The fire behavior of building materials and building components is described by the Standard Series DIN 4102 and DIN EN 1350-2 respectively. Within these Standards, common terms like “fire inhibiting” or “fire-resisting” / “fire-retardant” and “non-inflammable” respectively are shaped into concrete definition.

We only use tested fireproof products for our access covers, which are selected  in accordance with their officially approved resistance status. Also, several of our core products have been subjected to practical fire tests.

When an order for fire-resisting access covers is placed, where both upper and bottom sides require fire-protection, we need to know the fire resistance class prescribed for the area of installation (F30, F60, F90 or F120 – minutes). Covers with this kind of  fire protection are used as spatial separation within buildings, which means they have to withstand fire over the full period for which they are classified. (Not only must fire be prevented from passing through the cover but the cover itself, too, must remain safely in place). During a practical fire test for the stipulated resistance period, the medium temperature at the cover surface away from the fire must not rise by more than 140 ° Celsius compared to the temperature before the fire. Detailed fire test instructions are prescribed by DIN 1363-1 1999, para and para These instructions, however, do not stipulate that an access cover must still function (open and close) properly after a fire attack. If continued cover function were required, this could be materialized, albeit at considerable extra cost.

While it is a common feature for fire protection doors to close automatically in case of fire, such function is difficult to materialize with access covers as these are subject to gravity. This being the case, reliable closing in case of fire –without external assistance – cannot be guaranteed.


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