Floor gates with counter-weight drive

Floor gates with counter-weight drive are basically grid covers driven (opened) by counter-weight which descends on 2 rails when a relevant release mechanism is actuated. Floor gates are of simple, robust and reliable design and open very quickly - and independently from electric power or any other external energy supply. This type of grid cover thus is ideally suited as ermegency exit from underground facilities such as parking garages and other underground infrastructure facilities. Our floor gates with counter-weight drive have been approved by "TÜV-Süd" (an independent test institute) in respect of conformity with the pertinent EU-Machinery Act and have been certified as being suitable as emergency exit.

Main characteristics

  • Flush-with-ground / horizontal installation over underground entries and exits, opens and closes in walking direction
  • Driven by a counter-weight moving on rails below the staircas, thus functioning independently from external energy supply
  • Locking by mechanical locking device
  • Release for opening always either from above by fire hydrant trihedral bolt head, or from below by traction cable or by swing barrier
  • Optional outfit: release by electric actuator motor. In this case actuation can be effected either by "Emergency lift" button, by key lock - or from within fire alarm station.
  • Prior to electrical opening, a flash light or a an acoustic alert signal will go on as warning. Timing of alert signal is possible. In case of mechanical release, no alert signal is given - grid cover opens instantly!
  • Opening time of cover: approx. 4 seconds
  • Closing always from above, by pulling cover down manually and by operator's own dead weight.
  • Fall protection by lateral sliding aprons.
  • Conformity with EU-Machinery Act is certified by "TÜV Süd Industrie Service", an independant test institute.
  • Individual approval for use as emergency exit may yet be required by local authorities

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