Test load classification as per EN 124

Access covers and top sections (gully tops) are classified as follows:

  • A 15 (light duty – for areas accessible to pedestrians and bicycles only)
  • B 125 (passenger cars and vehicles of comparable weight)
  • C 250 (mainly used for gully tops – installation alongside curbstone of public roads)
  • D 400 (carriageways with fast moving traffic, including trucks)
  • E 600 (extra heavy duty – such as in certain industrial premises)
  • F 900 (ultra-heavy duty – in airports, harbours, container ports and alike)

Areas of installation

The (test) load class to be chosen depends on the area of application. The different areas of application are divided into groups from 1 – 6 (vide illustration here below). Illustr. 1 and 2 show positioning within a road. For each group the test load class to be used is stated in brackets. The decision as to which class should be chosen lies within the responsibility of the user/planner. In case of doubt, however, we recommend to use the next higher class.

Illustration 1
Illustration 2

Group 1 (minimum test load class A 15)

Circulation areas frequented exclusively by pedestrians and bicyclists.

Group 2 (minimum test load class B 125)

Walkways, pedestrian precincts and comparable areas, parking lots and car parks.

Group 3 (minimum test load class C 250)

Applies mainly to gully tops installed within curb channels (illustr. No.1) if this reaches, measured from curbstone, max. 0,5 m into the carriageway and 0.2 m into the walkway.

Group 4 (minimum test load class D 400)

Carriageways / public roads (incl. pedestrian precincts – garbage/fire fighting vehicles), Paved verges of roads (illustr. 1 and 2) and parking areas, which are permiited to road vehicles of all kinds.

Group 5 (minimum test load class E 600)

Areas used by vehicles with high wheel load, such as in docks and airport service areas.

Group 6 (minimum test load class F 900)

Areas where extra-heavy duty wheel loads occur, e.g. in service areas of airports.


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