Access covers for well shafts

This cover range, corresponding to German Standard DIN 1239, serves to cover well shafts and structures in connection with water supply systems. These covers have to meet higher hygienic standards than ordinary covers (for instance when used in potable water preparation plants). Our well shaft covers come in different design variations, with and without assist-lift.

Design variations

  • Round, square or rectangular shape
  • Surface-watertight or flood-proof up to 1,50 m water column
  • Proven burglar-resistance character as per resistance class III, DIN V ENV 6027:1999
  • Vapor exhaust stack DN 150 mm, height=350 mm, with insect repelling screen or bird protection mesh of 10 x 10 mm width and vapor cap
  • Hard-foam-insulation, 30 mm thickness, covered by metal protective sheet
  • Brass insert for installation of split-cylinder lock (standard type or special)
  • Cover with trihedral fire hydrant, screwed locking cap
  • Cover to open from above and from below for use as emergency exit
  • Active carbon filter as insert in vapor stack, pollen filter insert in vapor stack, active carbon-pollen filter combination
  • Magnetic contact for connection to local alarm system
  • Watertight central locking with trihedral cap and capstan handle with triangular screw like fire hydrant valve

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