Access covers for tunnel installation

"Tunnel covers" are designed to meet the specific criteria prescribed for installation inside tunnels such as: easy installation/exchange/operation and conforming to the fire protection regulations. They come in stainless steel or hot-galvanized mild steel filled with concrete.

Product description:

  • Cable duct cover for installation in tunnel berms and footwalks
  • In conformity with DIN EN/124, class B 125, static computation as per DIN 1072, dimensioned as per DIN 1055 (passable by passenger cars)
  • Optionally: class D 400, static computation as per DIN 1072/SLW60 (passable by trucks)
  • Dimensions as per customers requirements
  • Frame and cover made of stainless steel mat. grade 1.4571 (AiSi 316) and conforming to (German) ZTV-ING, part 5
  • Cover with concrete surface of nonskid class "R12"
  • Single or double leaf cover units with overhead seal - w/o cross beam
  • Surface-watertight
  • With locking devices NW VK 17 (width across bolt head flats 17 mm), with plastic caps and chambered key holes
  • Optionally: with Telekom lifting chambers or threaded lifting holes
  • Complete cover system designed to meet fire protection class F 90 (90min. tightness against egress of smoke and resistance to open fire from above and from below)
  • Successfully tested as per DIN 1363 by "MPA" Dresden (an independent material test institute)
  • Guaranteed protection of cable cords E 90 (RABT 2006 point 7.3.4)
  • Cover raisable by 60 mm
  • With perma-elastic encircling sealing strip as protection against top concrete
  • All stainless steel elements pickled and passivated
  • Verifiable static computation

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