The special feature of this cover type is its mode of installation: the cover is rolled into the road surface and thus is delinked from the shaft structure. A self-levelling cover is hardly noticeable when one passes over it. The major part of the traffic load is not transmitted onto the shaft structure but into the road surface. The result: less frequent damage to the shaft neck.   

Conventional access cover
SELFLEVEL access cover


Self-levelling access covers are particularly well suited for installation in heavily trafficked areas, such as in front of traffic lights, in curves and within rutts of higly-frequented roads and  in inclining and sloping roads. Installation of this cover type can be effected within a short  time and at reasonable cost into existing or new, mechanically prepared, road surfaces. For this, please observe our installation instructions.     

The advantages at a glance

  • Self-levelling within surrounding road material
  • Easy installation
  • Cover sits flush-with-surface
  • Non-rock seating
  • No continuous joint between frame and surrounding road surface
  • Raisable during road renovation
  • Even compaction all around shaft area
  • Not affected by possible setting of shaft structure
  • Protects shaft as traffic load is transmitted into road structure and absorbed by it
  • No joint between cover unit and surrounding road surface
  • Suitable for installation in heavily trafficked areas
  • Noteable reduction of renovation intervals
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