Access covers with hydraulic opening system

This cover type is equipped with an electric-hydraulic drive by which even large and heavy covers can be lifted with ease and without external lifting gear. This principle allows for a broad range of design variations in respect of dimensions, material and surface structures. Our hydraulic covers are fitted with manual cover hold-open latches and hose rupture safety devices, preventing cover from accidental closing in case of power cut or hose rupture/oil pressure loss. This cover type is particularly well suited for shafts where frequent access is required. The design has been tested and confirmed by "TÜV Süd" (a material and machinery test institute) to meet conditions set forth under the "EU-Machinery Act" - and thus is certified for use as emergency escape hatch. A broad range of design variations can be materialized with this cover type, e.g. heating (in gap between cover and frame), warning lights and acoustic alarm signals. Our hydraulic covers are available for all test load classes, from A 15 to F 900.

Areas of Application:

  • Emergency exits from underground structures such as METRO-stations, underground production plants and service facilities, escape tunnels
  • Floor gates, including stairwells leading to surface from underground parking garages, assembly and event halls - or loading/disposal hatches
  • Hydraulic covers are particularly well suited where large orifices in the ground have to be covered in areas with heavy traffic, (e.g. in civil airports) and frequent shaft opening is required
  • Particularly well suited for large ground apertures in areas with high wheel loads (e.g. in airports) where frequent access to shafts is required
  • Underground plant rooms
  • Weir and sluice installations and alike
  • Woodchips silos
  • Ice chutes


  • hot-galvanized mild steel
  • Steel-concrete compound
  • Stainless steel (AiSi 304/316)

Surface structure:

  • Steel / wrought-iron or checker plate
  • Concrete (in recessed covers)
  • Covers for filling on site (adaptation to surface, e.g. by pavior infill)

Design options:

  • surface-watertight
  • backflow-proof / pressure-tight
  • with ventilation holes
  • flood-proof
  • gas-tight
  • with thermal insulation
  • fire resistant

Optional outfit:

  • Designed as emergency escape hatch
  • Encircling heating ribbon in gap between cover and frame to prevent freezing of ingressed water
  • Safety grid - as fall protection - hinged below cover, (supported by gas rams)
  • Guard rail, as fall protection around open shaft (3-part push-fit type or hinged, with hydr. or electr. drive)
  • Integrated revision opening
  • Alarm device (audio/visual)
  • Safety locking
  • Encircling drainage channel inside frame, to catch ingressing water when cover is open
  • Manual cover hold-open latches
  • Excenter locks for pressure-tight covers
  • LED-lighting/warning lights, acoustic sognals to warn public before opening or closing of cover
  • Cover operation by wireless remote control

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