Fabricated steel-concrete access cover type range 'AN'

This cover type is manufactured as per customer's requirements, in test load classes A 15 - F 900. The frame is made of mild steel or stainless steel, the covers come as single or multi-leaf units, made of welded steel with concrete filling. Significant feature of this cover type: its high weight, requiring hoisting gear for removal and replacement. Integration of a revision opening is possible. This very robust cover type is well suited for shafts seldom opened.

Individual design features

Access covers of the AN-range can be manufactured to your individual requirements, with following design options:

  • Surface-watertight
  • Backflow-proof
  • With revision cover
  • Cover recessed for filling up to nominal height "K"
  • Chambered key holes
  • Clamping ring for connection of building paper
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire resistance - upon request
  • Round cover as per customer's requirements
  • Static computation possible for special applications, e.g. fo rharbours, airports and comparable areas

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