Ermatic: selection of the best suited cover surface

Useable surface area

Since Ermatic was developed for a multitude of applications, its design meets many different optical and technical criteria.

Solid-top cast iron cover unit with standard, nonskid surface

This cover type, despite being of lower weight than a concrete-filled cover, can accept an extremely high load charge. Installation cost, too, is lower, and the quality of the cover surface does not depend on the quality of the concrete filling.

Acces covers for adaption to existing surfaces / or recessed for concrete filling on site

With covers classes B 125 and C 250, the inner web structure ends short below the cover brim, allowing the infill of a thin layer of pavior material. This design is particularly well suited for larger areas, where aesthetic aspects are a major concern.

Access covers, recessed, for pavior infill on site

All Ermatic cover types are available for pavior infill of up to 80 mm material thickness.

Access covers with central opening

These covers have a removable inner cover (e.g. for access in connection with revision work).

Protective coating

Cover and frame are coated with black, water-based, environment-friendly paint - except for machined areas or areas meant for later bonding with concrete.
Upon request, cover undersides can be coated with epoxy resin.

Please note: Ermatic covers are also available with hinges and assist-lift. Another variation are covers embedded in prefab concrete elements.


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