Ermatic: Product characteristics and advantages


Both horizontal and vertical contact faces between frame and cover are machined to an eveness tolerance of 0,2 mm.


When installed properly, the narrow manufacturing tolerances guarantee a non-rock, stabile seating under traffic load and at the same time prevent the ingress of dirt and liquids.


The Ermatic cover system is surface water- and gastight (here referring to pressureless sewer gases; for other media - please contact us). Tightness is achieved by a thin grease film applied to contact faces of cover and frame. To prevent oil and petrol from penetrating, a special sealing paste can be used instead of grease (as an option).

The modular design principle

The use of standardized design elements allows the build-up of many different complete cover dimensions and size combinations:

1 / 2 / 3 - part cover element
Duct cover unit

Frame elements are bolted together. Gaps are filled with liquid metal. This way, the make-up of very long duct cover units is possible.

For clear openings beyond 1,200 mm, removable steel beams are used. This allows to make up cover combinations for very large areas.

Multiple cover unit with removable beams

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