Ermatic: Environment Protection, Safety, Ergonomic

Ermatic products are manufactured within the EU-economic area by state-of-the-art plant and equipment conforming to the highest environment protection regulations. The high-precision finish of all Ermatic covers renders them safe against the ingress of harmful substances.

Ermatic products can withstand high traffic loads. The use of ductile iron results in a high degree of resistance against rupture/breakage. Low design weights result in ergonomic handling.

Opening and Closing

The covers slide out of the frame on machined bearing areas which are covered with a thin grease film. No vertical lifting is required. The use of our "EM" operating keys allows safe and ergonomical cover removal and replacement. Opening by hook-shaped key is nonetheless also possible.

Starting with load class C 250 (for solid-top covers already as from B 125) the supporting web at cover underside protrudes below the cover itself. This way, the precision-machined, greased, contact faces are prevented from grinding along the ground.

Different types of locking devices

Cover locking is advisable in following instances:

  • heavy traffic
  • danger of backpressure
  • prevention of unauthorized cover removal and vandalism

Following locking devices can be chosen from:

  • Bolt locking - M14 (14 mm bolt head / hollow screw)
  • "OTC" bolting (special bolt head design and left-hand thread; requires special operating key) offers increased protection against theft
  • Turnbuckle lock for quick and easy handling, giving long service life

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