Our products are predominantly manufactured using the following normed materials:

Steel and galvanised steel

About 2000 different types of steel are made all over the world. The term steel grade is used to refer to a steel made to a specific quality standard. Types of steel are given code names or code numbers in the European standards. In addition there are many other standardisation systems for steel products depending on the country of manufacture and the market. One prominent system is the one used in North and South America adopted by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).

The following are the grades of steel mainly used in our factory:

  • S235JR + AR (code no. 1.0037, formerly ST 37-2);
  • S355J2G3 (code no. 1.0570, formerly ST 52-3),

where the “S” stands for structural steel (= steel for general construction purposes) and the number denotes the minimum yield strength in N/mm². The subsequent letters give information about the notch bar impact strength while the next letters indicate further mechanical properties or the intended application.

Corrosion prevention for steel: hot-dip galvanising

As a general rule, our steel products are hot-dip galvanised. When steel is hot-dip galvanised it is immersed in molten zinc and is thus covered with a metallic film which provides a robust, hard-wearing, low-maintenance and long-lasting corrosion-inhibiting coating with high bonding strength.
The zinc film looks bright and glossy at first but turns dark grey with time as the zinc oxidises and forms a weather-resistant coating of zinc oxide and zinc carbonate in the air. If starved of air supply and thus carbon dioxide, white rust will form, especially in wet storage conditions or stagnant water.

Increased corrosion protection for steel: duplex systems involving hot-dip galvanising plus coating

If steel structures are exposed not only to wind and weather but also to corrosive chemicals, we recommend the use of coating systems. We have access to tried and tested systems and will be happy to advise you.


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