Recessed covers type range ANS-BNS

Access covers of the NS-range consist of a hot-galvanized or stainless steel cover for adaptation to existing surface on site (standard 80 mm stone height) with a threaded lifting hole in each corner. The frame, also made of either galvanized or stainless steel, is fitted with a NEOPRENE damping strip. In addition to this basic design, a variety of other features can be materialized within this range.

Design options

  • Pavior height as per request
  • Revision opening
  • Chambered key holes
  • Clamping ring for connection of building paper
  • Thermal insulation
  • Fire resistance - upon request
  • Round cover as per customer's requirements
  • Surface-watertight
  • Backflow-proof
  • Sand seal
  • Covers of steel with corrosion-resistant coating (increased maintenance cost, regular re-painting)
  • Static computation possible for special applications, e.g. for harbours, airports and comparable areas

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